Mission Statement

Around the clock comfort is offered to children in the form of a teddy bear; educational resources and support are offered to their family to give information they need during the challenging time of caring for their sick child.


Joe Joe Bear Foundation has the passion and desire to provide teddy bears to children and educational programs to families in Texas and nation-wide.


My daughter received a Joe Joe Bear just before going into a surgery. She held on to him until she fell asleep and woke up from her surgery with him in her arms. It is amazing how something so small can be so big to our kids. Thank you, Joe Joe Bear Foundation!!

My son got his Joe Joe bear last week when we stayed at the Ronald McDonald House. He was so excited to get the bear. Thank you..

My baby boys birthday is tomorrow and he is having surgery today and he received his Joe Joe bear  today. He loves it and is carrying it around everywhere waiting for his surgery. 

Thank you so much!!! My son Hector  loves his new bear. He got it last night at Texas Children's Hospital before his sleep study. He fell asleep with it and hugged it all night.

Thank you for the bear my son hasn’t let go of him since !!!!

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