Captain Marco Garcia

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Captain Marco Garcia
Executive Director

Born in Mexico but raised most of my life in El Paso, TX. I have three siblings two brothers and one sister. We grew up below poverty level and as immigrants to this country my parents feared asking for help due to deportation. My dad had three jobs when I was young and my mother cleaned houses. My sister had bacterial meningitis at just 3 months old and never had a chance
at life.
At the age of 17 I decided to join the Army as they promised me my citizenship. I came in the Army in June of 2001 with nointentions in going to war. However, after
9/11 I found myself in Iraq on three combat tours as an infantryman. After 10 years of serving I found myself wondering what was next for me. So I made the switch over to become an Army officer after finishing my
Bachelors in Psychology. Soon after my son Gavin was born. Then I met my wife Jomilu Vale. She gave me two children Leilani and Liam. My three kids have given me a
reason to live. This was after losing my mother to cancer at the age of 49. Then in 2020 my wife got the news she had stage 3 breast cancer. After many treatments and
surgeries she has beaten cancer but still struggles with the side effects. This is where I found my purpose to give more.

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