Tayler Whitehead

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Tayler Whitehead

Tayler is an Experienced Audit Manager in the Houston office of Grant Thornton, who holds an active CPA in the State of Texas.  He has over 8 years of experience serving both private and publicly traded corporations and partnerships in the manufacturing, energy and healthcare industries.  His manufacturing and energy experience experience extends to a number of sectors including; construction for both commercial and private business, mining and transportation, natural gas pipelines, gathering & processing, commodity marketing and trading, and natural gas storage.  He has been involved in multiple merger and acquisition activities on both the buyer and seller side.


Tayler also has an many years of involvement with charitable organizations including giving time back to help local and national organizations.  He works with clients and colleagues to help out every chance he can with donations and volunteer work.  His passion is in helping children who have had tough circumstances growing up and who were less fortunate with health circumstances. 


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