This is where you can honor a specific event in your life like beating cancer, graduating college, the birth of a child or celebrating the life of a loved one who has passed. We will display your loved ones’ name.

Silver Level $100
60 day placement

Gold Level $500
1 year placement

Platinum Level $1000
Permanent placement on the dedication page.

If you would like to leave a dedication just make a donation and complete the dedication details in the message field.

Current Dedications

Silver Dedication

Sam Engman
in Honor of Super Sam Engman

Platinum Dedication

Albert Quaranta
Albert Quaranta - April 21,1933- March 16, 1996 The best dad a girl could ask for!

Gold Dedication

Joseph Garrett Doherty
Happy 4th Birthday Joseph Garrett Doherty 12/14/2013

Platinum Dedication

Christopher Pierce
In loving memory of Christopher Pierce

Platinum Dedication

Christopher Pierce
In loving Memory

Platinum Dedication

Margaret Quaranta
Margaret Quaranta - September 23, 1937-July 24, 2015 Loving mom

Platinum Dedication

Ariel Marissa Leal
Ariel Marissa Leal - February 25, 2002- June 23, 2014
Fly high Baby girl!!!

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