Books for Oncology - Siblings

Supportive Sibs Support Group at Texas Children’s Hospital

 Child Life currently has a weekly support group for siblings of pediatric patients. 

Oliver’s Story

A 40-page illustrated book for the 3-8 year old siblings of a child diagnosed with cancer. Offered in Spanish as well.

Hi, My Name is Jack

A children's book specifically for the healthy siblings of chronically ill, disabled or dying children. This book addresses and focuses upon some of the feelings that may be experienced by healthy siblings. This book is unique in that it is not illness specific and does not focus on the illness itself. It is appropriate for a variety of illnesses and medical situations.

What About Me? When Brother's and Sister’s Get Sick

When a child is seriously ill, siblings experience mixed emotions and hurt feelings. This book is written by a confused young girl and takes you through her experience at the hospital with her brother.

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