Neuroblastoma is a very rare type of cancerous tumor that almost always affects children. Neuroblastoma develops from nerve cells in the fetus called neuroblasts. Usually, as a fetus matures and after birth, the neuroblasts develop normally. Sometimes they become cancerous, causing neuroblastoma. Be sure to visit our resources below to explore neuroblastoma fundraising, research, and advocacy


Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation 

Educational information, a forum for patients and family member, information about treatment, palliative care, hospice services, bereavement groups and emotional support. Handbook includes topics such as: surviving neutropenia, hearing loss, clinical trial information, etc.


Neuroblastoma Children’s Cancer 

Dedicated to fundraising, support, research, and advocacy for children with neuroblastoma and their families. Parent to parent network online and a newsletter are available.

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