Support Organizations for Siblings

American Cancer Society

ACS has lots to offer including: support groups, literature on a large variety of topics, summer camps for children with cancer, research and educational programs. Search for “siblings”


American Childhood Cancer Organization

Free services include: an annual bibliography and resource guide, quarterly newsletter, and handbooks to help families of children with cancer. Search for “siblings”


Sibling Support Project

Seeks to increase the peer support and information opportunities for siblings of people with special needs and to increase parents’ and providers’ understanding of sibling issues. Trains local service providers on how to create community based peer support programs for young siblings; hosting workshops, listservs, and websites for young and adult siblings; and increasing parents’ and providers’ awareness of siblings’ unique, life-long, and ever changing concerns

Sunshine Thru the Rain

Providing a safe environment for them to express and share their experiences and make new memories. A platform that most people need and look for when going through the grief process.

Bo’s Place

At Bo’s Place are designed to give bereaved adults, children and families a safe place to express their thoughts and feelings with others on a similar journey. All grief support groups are offered free of charge through the generosity of Bo’s Place contributors. Groups are overseen by Bo’s Place clinicians and led by trained volunteer facilitators.

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