Support Organizations for Brain Tumors

A Kids Brain Tumor Cure

A comprehensive resource regarding childhood brain tumors, including: publications, support and more.  

Brain Tumor Foundation of Canada

A dedicated team of volunteers, patients, survivors, family members, health care professionals and staff, determined to make the journey with a brain tumor one full of hope and support.



Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation

The free publication, A Resource Guide for Parents of Children with Brain and Spinal Cord Tumors is full of practical information regarding topics like medical procedures, interruptions to school and social life, and uncertainty about the future.


Childhood Brain Tumor Foundation

Raises funds for research and increases brain tumor awareness.

The Cure Starts Now Foundation

Provides fundraising for brain stem glioma research and offers support and education materials to families dealing with brain tumors.

Florida Brain Tumor Association

Brain tumor research, fundraising, educational programs, seminars, meetings and support groups in Florida. Publications like neuro-dictionary, anatomy of the brain, etc.


Friends 4 Michael Foundation

Provides supplementary financial assistance to families, guardians or caregivers with financial needs resulting from expenses associated with a child’s brain tumor treatment

The Matthew Larson Foundation for Pediatric Brain Tumors

Provides direct financial assistance to families, regardless of socio-economic status, brain tumor type (malignant or benign), or progress of the disease. 

Mission 4 Maureen

Provides financial assistance to families who are burdened with the cost of brain cancer treatment 

Musella Foundation

Dedicated to helping brain tumor patients with emotional and financial support, education, advocacy and funding for brain tumor research. Great publication for newly diagnosed brain tumor and includes a free brain tumor guide.


Pediatric Brian Tumor Foundation

Resource for families dealing with childhood brain tumors that provides education, support, college scholarships, etc.


Smiles for Sophie Forever

Offers family grants with a child who has been diagnosed with brain cancer 1-17 years the opportunity to apply for $1000 in grants to assist with financial hardships. Contact for application

216-346-0913 [email protected] 

Self Improvement Thru Riding Education

Therapeutic horseback riding center that provides physical, emotional, educational and recreational benefits. Locations in Hockley, Fort Bend and Spring, Texas.


Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation

Information, education, support for brain tumor patients and their families


T.H.E. Brain Trust

Provides support to people affected by brain tumors and related conditions.


Tug McGraw Foundation

Provides support and resources for caregivers affected by brain tumors and brain-related trauma.


Voices Against Brain Cancer

Focuses on research, support and education for those affected by brain tumors. 

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